Announcing the 1st Real Women Run event in Logan ‘Top of Utah’

Women in northern Utah and surrounding communities who want to get involved in politics as candidates, campaign managers or community leaders, are invited to join the first ever Real Women Run training event in Logan on November 4, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM in the Huntsman Hall Perry Pavilion at Utah State University Campus.

Attendees will have opportunities to learn from experienced Utah experts as well as current and former elected officials about how to lead effectively in their community and/or campus.

Former Utah State Representative Ronda Rudd Menlove will be the keynote speaker and Representative Ed Redd, District 4, will provide introductory remarks. Other speakers include: Holly Daines, Logan City Councilwoman; Stephanie Miller, Hyrum City Mayor; Kathy Robison, former Cache County Council Chairwoman; Jeannie Simmonds, Logan City Councilwoman; Candi Carter Olson, USU Assistant Professor of Media and Society; Aaron Rennaker, Sr. Director at Arena Online, LLC; Marla Kennedy, Kennedy Consulting, Inc; and Maryann Martindale, Sr. Policy Advisor to Councilwoman Jenny Wilson.

Topics include opportunities for women in politics, campaign strategy, media and messaging, fundraising and launching a campaign.

Registration includes lunch for $25 and is discounted to $10 for students. Register at

This event is made possible with community event partners and co-sponsors: Utah State University, Cache Chamber of Commerce, USU Center for Women and Gender, CAPSA, and USU Huntsman School of Business.