John Curtis’s fundraising takes off while Kathie Allen’s slows

Republican John Curtis’s fundraising has skyrocketed since he won the GOP nomination in August while Democrat Kathie Allen’s cash flow has fallen off.

According to the latest FEC filings, Curtis pulled in $302,752 from the end of July through September, which is nearly three times what Allen got in campaign funds during the same period. Allen reported $112,272 in campaign contributions.

So far during this campaign, Curtis has raised $574,048. Curtis loaned his campaign $100,000 in June ahead of the August primary election and has so far paid back a quarter of that total.

Curtis spent $268,297 during the most recent quarter, leaving him with $115,910 on hand for the stretch run to November’s special election. Curtis’s filing also lists $123,000 in outstanding debt owed by his campaign, which includes $75,000 for the unpaid balance of the loan he made to his campaign.

Allen’s fundraising has fallen off since a spectacular first quarter of 2017, when she reported $564,091 in campaign contributions. That massive fundraising haul was powered primarily by small donors from outside of Utah who gave to Allen because Rep. Jason Chaffetz committed some high-profile gaffes, including suggesting Americans should spend money on health insurance instead of a new iPhone. So far this year, Allen has pulled in an astonishing $840,981.

Allen’s spending has outpaced her fundraising in the last quarter by more than 400%. Allen spent $501,292 in the previous quarter. More than half of the outlay during the period from July through September was for advertising ($267,514).

United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennett reported $14,880 in donations for the period and $8,736 in spending, leaving him just $8,258 on hand.

Curtis, Allen, and Bennett will participate in a televised debate on Wednesday evening. The most recent polls show Curtis with more than a 30-point lead over Allen. Mail-in ballots go out to voters on Tuesday.