National Headlines 10-16-17

Comey began drafting Clinton statement months in advance (The Hill)

Trump expresses wariness of Bannon’s war on GOP establishment (Politico)

North Korea Warns That Nuclear War Could ‘Break Out Any Moment’ (Bloomberg)

Car bomb kills journalist behind Panama Papers (Mirror)

CBS earnings to disappoint due to weak NFL ratings (CNBC)

An Austrian thumb in the eye of the elites (Washington Times)

Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care clinic, union leader says (FOX News)

Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Opens Floodgates in Hollywood (New York Times)

Trump and McConnell Strive for Comity Amid Rising Tensions (New York Times)

Menendez Trial Judge Rejects Motion to Dismiss the Case (New York Times)

Ivanka Trump, Kushner to host Democrats for tax reform dinner (Politico)