CYBER24 Episode 3 – Internet of Things

In the third episode of CYBER24, we down and look at the security risks of IoT – or the Internet of Things.

Think of it as everything that doesn’t really look like a computer, tablet or smartphone that still connects to the internet. The list includes everything from printers to refrigerators, to thermostats and doorbells, to cars and pacemakers.

Every day our world becomes more and more dependent on our connection to one another via the Internet. Today, there are approximately 11 billion devices connect to the Internet. The figure is expected to nearly triple to 30 billion in just the next two years… then triple again to 80 billion five years later.

In our discussion with Mike Nelson, vice president of IoT security at Digicert, Utah’s largest tech firm, we discuss some basic but important elements of security like encryption, authentication, certification, and verification. We also talk about steps being taken by the US government to protect critical infrastructure and share some frightening stories about the kinds of things hackers can hack that you have probably never thought about.

  • North Korea tests US cyber vulnerabilities
  • Authentication, encryption and the padlock on your browser (9:40)
  • Implementation of guidelines to protect US critical infrastructure (22:40)
  • Hackers attacking hospitals, cars, and pacemakers – sometimes for profit (30:48)

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