BioInnovations Gateway graduates four companies

BioInnovations Gateway, a partnership between USTAR and Granite School District, is excited to announce the graduation of four of its companies. 

“It has been exciting to observe how the leadership and drive of the graduating companies supplemented by critical resources like BiG have helped them to become sustainable in the competitive life science market,” said Marytheresa Ifediba, Ph.D, USTAR Life Science Program Manager.  

As a life science incubator, BiG offers essential support services to young companies to facilitiate innovation. These include quality research facilities, office space, mentoring and access to funding programs. There is also a unique opportunity to provide career training to high school students who can work as interns with the companies. 

The graduating companies include:

Bend Labs – developing soft sensor technology that acts like an external nervous system in soft goods and lets devices detect body positions and physical movements. The company is licensing and selling virtual reality (VR) gloves, software and development services for training, simulation and entertainment in the growing VR market. 

Ubiota – developing technology that characterizes a variety of microbial populations, including the human microbiota, or bacterial communities that colonize the gut and are implicated in digestive health and disease.  Their main consumer-level product, the Personal Metagenomics Kit, allows individuals to obtain a precise profile of their distinct microbiota.   

Veristride – features high-fidelity sensor technology that enables real-time monitoring and state-of-the-art biomechanical analysis of foot movement. This year, the company launched their PT Metrix product, which provides outcome data to physical therapists, and added an iOS app to the PT Metrix product suite. 

Zien Medical Technologies – provides a foundation to efficiently launch medical device products and offers a range of engineering, quality, regulatory and contract manufacturing services. The company has participated in the launch of nine products to date.

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