National Headlines 1-8-14

Boehner: Gates entitled to his critique of ‘truly ugly’ Congress in new memoir (The Hill)

Republican senators look to merge fights over military pensions, jobless benefits (The Hill)

Former Obama aides push back on Gates (The Hill)

Emails tie Christie administration to bridge controversy (NBC News)

Business Lobby Seeks Major Push on Immigration (Associated Press)

Two House Dems to retire, creating a GOP opportunity (NBC News)

Obama administration to offer new rules on school discipline (Washington Times)

Obama Declares Gains in Poverty War, but Not Victory (Voice of America)

Air Force general Lt. Gen Craig Franklin out over sexual assault decisions (Politico)

Obama’s latest pledge: Establishing ‘Promise Zones’ to attack poverty (Washington Times)

Super PAC raises $4 million in case Hillary Clinton runs (CBS News)

Obamacare TV Ad Blitz Planned During Olympics (KVOR)