Matheson Most Likely to Co-Sponsor Republican Legislation

According to a new analysis, Rep. Jim Matheson was the most likely member of Congress to co-sponsor legislation with members on the other side of the aisle.

GovTrack says 73% of the bills co-sponsored by Matheson came from Republicans, putting him at the top of the “bipartisan list.”

The analysis also ranked Rep. Rob Bishop #2 in the House for getting bills out of committee with 11, putting him just behind Texas Rep. Pete Sessions.

The website also broke down members of Congress on their ideology score, based on how they voted in comparison to other members of Congress. A 1.00 score is the most “Republican” while a 0.00 is the most “Democratic” a member could vote. Matheson was closer to Republicans, scoring a 0.62. Rep. Jason Chaffetz wasn’t too much further to the political right than Matheson, scoring a 0.68. Rep. Chris Stewart came in at 0.75. Rep. Rob Bishop was the most Republican member of the House Delegation, ranking 0.77 for ideology.

On the Senate side, Senator Mike Lee was the 11th “most Republican” member of the Senate, scoring a 0.89 on ideology. Sen. Orrin Hatch was the 27th “most Republican” with a 0.78 score.