EDCUtah celebrates 30th anniversary with 30 highlights in 30 weeks

From Forbes Magazine naming Utah “Best State for Business” to Adobe bringing thousands of jobs to Utah, EDCUtah has been a guiding force in Utah’s economic highlights over the past 30 years.

Since its inception in 1987, EDCUtah has played a major role in attracting and growing competitive, high-value companies in Utah. The corporation grew from 64 initial supporters to over 300 corporate and government investors.

“EDCUtah’s 30th anniversary is a monumental achievement. It’s fascinating to think of the changes that have taken place in Utah’s business environment since this organization was created,” EDCUtah CEO Theresa Foxley said.

This year, EDCUtah instituted EDCUtah 3.0 as part of its 30th anniversary. This new philosophy, focused on operating in an innovative, data-driven way, is a core part of Foxley’’s vision for the organization moving forward.”

“One of the things I’m really excited about is our new and increased emphasis on becoming a data-driven organization. The whole world is turning to data and we’re using it to solve problems for Utah. I think our emphasis on leading with data will carry us forward and make this organization similar to the client’s that we’re working with. That is exciting to me,” said Foxley.

To honor EDCUtah’s 30th anniversary, we’re counting down the last 30 weeks of our fiscal year with a look back on 30 major milestones from EDCUtah’s history. Join us on our website (www.edcutah.org) and social media channels (Facebook: EDCUtahOrg, Twitter: @EDCUtahorg, LinkedIn: Economic Development Corporation of Utah) as we celebrate Utah’s economic development accomplishments starting Dec. 4, 2017.