Local Headlines 1-12-14

Deseret News

Op-ed: Same-sex marriage decisions and 3 attacks on religious freedom

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Is tearing down the prison and relocating worth the cost?

Editorial: On gay marriage, Utah must protect its laws and democratic processes

New Utah attorney general shakes up leadership team

Utah working to process 24,000 applications for health care

Utah tourism industry poised to hit $1B in tax revenue

Utah lawmakers want to change the way your voter information is sold

Salt Lake Chamber hears from legislative leaders on gas tax, air quality

North Dakota oil rush fuels new chances for Utahns

Compromise, solutions sought in energy and public lands debate

Crude reality: North Dakota oil boom has Utah envying its surplus green

Political tension a constant companion to Utah’s oil and gas fields

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Count My Vote will leave Utah elections to power brokers

John Swallow paid $235k in legal fees from campaign

Utah Lt. Gov: New math text is ‘game changer’

80-mph speed zones could spread to freeways statewide

Utah Sen. Mike Lee reaches across aisle with prison reform bill

A look at campaign aide who helped elect Swallow, Hatch, Lee


Lawmaker looking to protect voter information (Daily Herald)

Women underrepresented in Utah politics (Daily Herald)

Forms of government: What’s best for Orem, Provo? (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Resolve open-carry gun problem (Standard-Examiner)

Political opponents of Utah same-sex marriage report receiving death threats (Standard-Examiner)

Record corporate refunds hit Box Elder hard (Standard-Examiner)

Layton lawmaker: state should ease fingerprint rules for school districts (Standard-Examiner)

County Council member Robinson, Rep. Powell will seek re-election (Park Record)