There’s an Online Petition to Impeach Gov. Herbert

You can launch an online petition about anything these days, but a new petition calling for the impeachment of Gov. Herbert already has more than 350 signatures.
The petition, started by Michael Gallagher of Salt Lake City, seems to be in response to a website that popped up last week with information about registered Utah voters. The person behind that website purchased a copy of Utah’s voter files and posted the information. There’s nothing in state law to prevent someone from doing just that.

The petition calling for Herbert’s ouster says:

Herbert is not speaking, nor acting on behalf of his constituents in his role as Utah Governor. His actions are selfmotivated (sic), and are not reflections of what the People of Utah need or want.  

He has failed to protect the privacies of the citizens of Utah, and should no longer be allowed to operate in his elected position.

Lawmakers are already planning to address the commercial use of Utah’s voter file information in the next session.