Utah Hunting and Fishing Services wins two national awards

Utah’s Hunting and Fishing application recently received two national awards from the Center for Digital Government.

Utah’s Hunting and Fishing services received the Government Experience Award and the Government Experience Innovation Award. The services were made possible through a partnership between Utah.Gov and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

The Government Experience Awards recognize the achievements and best practices that government agencies have implemented on the Web and beyond. Dustin Haisler, chief innovation officer for the Center for Digital Government, says Utah leads the country in providing hunters and anglers with the ability to obtain licenses and permits on mobile devices. The interactive voice services offered on Amazon Echo, including a recently added Amazon Echo Alexa skill that provides anglers with Utah fishing reports, were highlighted as an innovation in how state agencies interact with those they serve.

“Citizen expectations for government are increasingly being reshaped by their experiences with consumer technologies,” Haisler says. “The website is no longer the only experience they use—it’s now one of many channels in their overall experience.”

In addition to the Government Experience Award, Utah’s hunting and fishing online services received the Government Experience Innovation Award. This award recognizes the achievements of states that have radically improved the online experience citizens have with them and that have pushed the boundaries of how citizen services are delivered.

“We’re honored that our agency and Utah.Gov received these awards,” says Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Director Mike Fowlks. “As the awards indicate, the online services available to Utah hunters and anglers are among the best in the country. We work hard to make sure hunters and anglers get what they need quickly so they can get outdoors and enjoy Utah’s incredible wildlife.”