Suburban Poverty on the Rise in Utah

A new report from the Brookings Institution says suburban poverty is on the rise in all four of Utah’s Congressional Districts.

They broke down suburban poverty rates in every Congressional District. They found poverty grew in almost every district during the 2000’s. 

As for the change in the suburban poverty rate from 2000 to 2007-11 for Utah’s 4 Districts:

  • CD1 (Rob Bishop) saw a 1.6% increase 
  • CD 2 (Chris Stewart) saw a 2.8% increase
  • CD 3 (Jason Chaffetz) saw a 2.5% increase
  • CD 4 (Jim Matheson) saw a 2.9% increase

Compared to some of the other districts, Utah got off lightly. For example:

  • Indiana’s 7th District saw a 12.6% jump
  • Texas’ 17th District and Georgia’s 4th saw a 7.6% rise
  • Michigan’s 13th and North Carolina’s 2nd both saw an increase of more than 7%

You can read the full report here.