CYBER 24 podcast: VLCM panel discussion part 1

It may seem odd to talk about some of the hottest trends in cybercrime and cybersecurity. After all, these aren’t fashion trends shown off on the catwalks displayed by supermodels.

But new types of attacks keep coming as cybercriminals and hackers work to stay a step ahead of investigators and security providers work to strengthen your defenses.

Last week, VLCM hosted a cybersecurity event and invited CYBER24 to serve as the moderator of a panel discussion that included:

  • Matt Sorensen, Secuvant CISO

  • Kevin Howard, Secuvant Chief Security Architect

  • Neal Francom, Secuvant VP security ops

  • Adam Marre, FBI Cyber Task Force, Special Agent

We asked for their thoughts on the new trends and risks they see in cybersecurity businesses need to be aware of. We also talked about the importance of cultivating a culture of cybersecurity within an organization and what they think is the best way to make sure that security requirements are top of mind for IT, Executives, Operations, Sales and other parts of the business.

We also debate whether there is a way businesses can know they are sufficiently protected when it comes cybersecurity.

You can hear the first part of our discussion today. Part 2 will follow in the next episode.