Utahns overwhelmingly support legalizing medical marijuana, including strong support among Mormons

Three-out-of-four Utahns favor legalizing medical marijuana, a new UtahPolicy.com poll finds.

The results are similar to a Dan Jones & Associates survey conducted last summer.

And it means that if leaders of the LDS Church are serious about opposing a citizen initiative petition now being circulated, they better get on the ball: 61 percent of “very active” Mormons in the state support the petition, Jones finds in his latest survey.

Jones finds:

  • 73 percent of Utahns favor the citizen initiative that would allow for the limited, and controlled, growing and use of non-smoking medical marijuana for specific diseases and general pain control.
  • 23 percent oppose the petition.
  • And 4 percent don’t know.

Here is the petition.


If backers can get 113,000 voter signatures by the spring, the measure will be on the November 2018 ballot and before voters.

The initiative would allow a small number of licensed growers to produce medical marijuana, which could be prescribed by a limited number of licensed physicians for certain diseases and general pain relief.

Medical marijuana may be a solution for some folks addicted to powerful painkiller drugs, advocates say.

And cancer patients have been known to use it with the chemotherapy treatments, for it reduces nausea and other treatment symptoms.

But LDS Church leaders issued a statement last spring whereby they opposed legalizing medical cannabis in Utah, saying more medical research is needed to see how, or if, it works.

Jones finds that 61 percent of “very active” Mormons – those who pay tithing and have temple recommends – support legal medical marijuana.

Thirty-five percent of active Mormons oppose the initiative, and 5 percent don’t know.

Somewhat active Mormons and those who used to belong to the faith, but no longer do, favor the initiative, 75-22 percent and 89-3 percent, respectively.

Those of other religions also support the petition by large majorities.

And those who told Jones they have no religion support the petition, 97-2 percent.

Republicans, Democrats and political independents all support the petition, as well:

  • Republicans, 61-35 percent.
  • Independents, 80-15 percent.
  • And Democrats, 97-3 percent.

That’s right: 97 out of 100 Democrats support legalizing medical marijuana.

Even those who told Jones they are “very conservative” politically want to legalize medical marijuana in Utah, 58-36 percent.

All other political philosophical groups also vastly support the petition.

Get this: 100 percent of “very liberal” Utahns support the petition.

Jones polled 600 adults from Nov. 16-21. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.