Ross Romero Headed Back Into Politics?

Rumors are flying that former Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero is readying another political run.

Romero left the legislature in 2012 after redistricting combined his seat with that of Sen. Pat Jones. He opted for a run at Salt Lake County Mayor instead of mounting an intra-party challenge with Jones. Romero lost that race to eventual winner Ben McAdams.

There are signs Romero is mulling a bid for the State Senate now that Jones has opted to retire in 2014 instead of seeking re-election.

Other Democratic Party sources tell Utah Policy Romero is also looking at a possible bid for Attorney General if that seat opens up next year if John Swallow is impeached, resigns or is removed from office because of the current scandals and investigations.

Romero is currently out of the country and could not be reached for comment.