Rob Porter, who was Hatch’s chief of staff, may be leaving the White House

A key White House staffer with Utah connections may be moving on.

Rob Porter, who currently is the White House Staff Secretary, is being courted by major companies and organizations who want to hire him away from the Trump administration, according to Axios.

Porter served as Chief of Staff to Sen. Orrin Hatch before moving to the White House. He also worked as Chief Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee under Sen. Mike Lee. He’s also been a visiting scholar in political science at Brigham Young Universtiy.

Axios says Porter is considered one of the “biggest brains” in the building, and the White House wants to keep him around.

Porter has expressed an interest in playing a larger role in coordinating policy throughout the Trump administration.


Porter is rare in the sense that he’s close to people on both sides of the White House policy debate — he has a close working relationship with both Gary Cohn and Stephen Miller, for example. He’s a lawyer with strong Capitol Hill connections and helps General Kelly control the paper flow to Trump’s desk. Porter also presides over the weekly trade policy meetings in the Roosevelt Room.