McAdams raises more than $500,000 in the most recent quarter

Democrat Ben McAdams reports raising a little more than $500,000 during the most recent fundraising period in his congressional race against Republican Mia Love.

McAdams’s campaign reports pulling in $502,330 in the period from October to the end of 2017. 95% of those donations came from individual donors, and 90% were from inside of Utah.

“It is extremely gratifying that so many grassroots Utahns have offered their enthusiastic and generous support,” said McAdams in a statement. “Folks here are tired of partisan gridlock and excited about being represented by someone with a proven record of bringing people together to get things done.” 

McAdams’s campaign says the donations came from 1,874 individual donors, and the average contribution amount was $50. He has $469,330 cash on hand.

Mia Love, McAdams’s Republican opponent has not released updated fundraising figures for the current quarter. The most recent report available showed Love had $310,688 on hand.

David Hansen, Love’s campaign manager, says he’s not surprised to see such strong fundraising numbers from McAdams.

“He’s the current Salt Lake County Mayor so, of course, he would do well out of the gate,” said Hansen. “But, a lot of this money is low-hanging fruit, which candidates get early on.”

Hansen was unable to provide with his current fundraising numbers, but he expects they’ll have a strong quarter once they crunch the numbers.