Lee Seeks to Combat Presidential Overreach

In a lengthy interview with The American Conservative, Sen. Mike Lee discusses his efforts to defend Congress’s place in the balance of powers and combat executive overreach. 

Writes Jonathan Coppage:

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether President Obama could make valid recess appointments when the Senate itself claimed to not be in recess. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), a former clerk of now Justice Samuel Alito, was in attendance and afterwards professed himself “very confident” that the court would affirm the unconstitutionality of the appointments.

Last October, on the last day of the government shutdown, Senator Lee sat down with me to discuss his developing conservative communitarian policy agenda. Our discussion that day detoured into his thoughts on defending Congress’s place in the balance of powers and combating executive overreach, as well as reflecting on his efforts in the defund Obamacare campaign and government shutdown that was just ending.