‘Buckshot Caucus’ trolling anti-SB54 fundraising page

Members of the Republican “Buckshot Caucus” are trolling  Go Fund Me page set up by right-wing defenders of the caucus/convention system.

Dave Bateman, who has volunteered to fund the Republican party’s ongoing lawsuit against SB54, opened the fundraising site in November to attract outside donations to the cause. As of this writing, they’ve raised just under $6,000. The goal for the site is $100,000.

However, members of the “Buckshot Caucus” decided the Go Fund Me page is a perfect opportunity to do some trolling.  

Various members of the group have made four donations on the Go Fund Me page of $5 each, with the financial gifts credited to donors identified as “The Buckshot Caucus Ringleader,” “One Buckshot to Rule Them All,” and two donations from “Buckshot Member 007.”

What is the “Buckshot Caucus”? One member of the organization described the group to UtahPolicy.com thusly: “A highly secretive and influential group of policy aficionados and elected officials whose objective is pragmatic lawmaking.”

Bateman appears not to be amused.

A member of Buckshot forwarded a screenshot of an email from Bateman kindly rejecting their donations.

Buckshot Go Fund Me

“Hey. While I appreciate the donation, we prefer not to accept it,” the email reads. “Will you please lwr (sic) me know where and to whom I can send a check to reimburse you? Thanks!”

The email goes on to say that they will donate the money to the Red Cross if it cannot be returned.

One member of Buckshot who wished to remain anonymous said of the donations, “We felt some pity for them. It seems their efforts to fundraise haven’t been working out too well.”

Bateman did not respond to requests for comment.