CYBER 24 podcast: Episode 18 – Digital forensics

Once upon a time, detectives in long trench coats would step inside the police tape, look at the scene of a crime and find just the clue they were looking for… at least that’s how it worked on television crime shows.

Today, turn on any one of the CSI programs (or any other show of that nature) and you’ll see scenes shot in super high-tech crime labs where any problem can be solved by enhancing the surveillance video enough.

While these new crime shows have at least embraced the impact of tech… viewers are still left wondering just how close fiction mirrors reality.

We’d like to know more ourselves.

In the latest episode of CYBER24, we talk with Mike Johnson of Eide Bailly Forensics, a sponsor of our podcast. We talk to Mike about the types of clients he works with, the legalities he navigates to recover data within the bounds of the law and the steps he recommends you take when selling or discarding old tech to make sure you aren’t giving away your data.