Local Headlines 1-21-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: LDS Church shouldn’t assume ‘modern’ is better

Op-ed: Governor taking positive steps to clean the air

Editorial: Utahns show good sense in supporting medical marijuana

Poll: Utahns favor stricter air quality rules for industry

Rolly: Utah senator turns on iPad, tunes out audience

Utah prosecutors: State’s grand jury law needs re-write

Johnson’s ‘War on Poverty’ still a political battlefront

Planners encourage Salt Lake County annexation protest

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Are we winning or losing the War on Poverty?

Robert Bennett: Finding answers to Benghazi

Editorial: Variable speed signs are a good thing

ACLU set to announce lawsuit over state not recognizing same-sex marriages

Chaffetz calls for truth about, accountability for Benghazi attacks

Chaffetz calls for truth about, accountability for Benghazi attacks

Lawyers for polygamous Brown family preparing for state’s appeal

Gay marriage finds friendly home at Sundance, but only part of the story told

Poll: Majority of Utahns against same-sex marriage and say states have the right to decide

Same-sex couples oppose state’s request for more time to appeal


Lockhart: from unknown to Speaker of the House (Daily Herald)

Bill would give greater access to streams on private land (Daily Herald)

Electric vehicle bill up for review by Utah Legislature (Standard-Examiner)

Roy lawmaker wants to force-feed juvenile inmates (Standard-Examiner)

Weber invites state lawmakers to ‘eat and shoot’ at gun range (Standard-Examiner)

Cites role as ‘peacemaker’ between East and West Side (Park Record)

Legislators, hospital officials discuss Medicaid expansion (Logan Herald Journal)