CYBER 24 podcast: Tragic impacts of cyber crime

Through the first 20 episodes of the CYBER24 podcast, we have examined the issues surrounding cybersecurity and how to protect your business or your family.

While the issues we have discussed have all been important and have, hopefully, provided some helpful and actionable advice, it can be a little impersonal. It can make it easy – too easy – to forget that the result of cybercrime is often significant. It hurts real people, their families and their friends.

Cindy George has been hurt by cybercrime. She joined us to share the story of her son, Jake Curtis. By all accounts he was a great young man with ambition, talent and potential. But one critical cyber mistake set him down a path that ultimately ended in tragedy. Cindy shares her story – Jake’s story – in the hope it will keep others from going through the pain she has.

You can read a great piece on this case in the Daily Beast.