Utah planning cybercenter to help state, private sector combat cybercrime

Utah government agencies have to fend off hundreds of millions of attacks every single day – and the Dept. of Technology Services (DTS) does a great job protecting the massive amounts of public data.

Having blazed a trail for the rest of the nation in the way it investigates and prosecutes cyber crime by establishing the Cyber Task Force, a strong partnership between the Utah Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) and the FBI, Utah is now looking at taking the next step and establishing a Cybercenter.

“A Cybercenter for us is an aggregation of resources – some of which the state already has, others we want to bring on – under one roof,” says Mike Hussey, executive director of Utah DTS.  “Also in that center would be a security operations center to monitor and thwart all those attempts.”

Bringing those assets into one place would set up something similar to a cyber 911 – a single contact point for businesses and individual Utahns who are impacted by cybercrime. Right now, most calls go to local law enforcement. When time is of the essence, cutting down the communication chain to a single point of contact makes a big difference.

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, Hussey is joined by Phil Dean, the chief information security officer for the state of Utah, to discuss the project, how it compares to what other states are doing and what it takes to make the project a reality.