Love posts big fundraising numbers, but big expenses too

Rep. Mia Love raised just under $750,000 during the first quarter of 2018, but her campaign also spent a whopping $450,000 during the same period.

The most recent FEC disclosures show Love raised $745,684 from January to the end of March. But, her campaign doled out $446,855, leaving her with just over $914,000 in campaign cash on hand.

Love’s cash haul includes $522,000 from individuals and another $223,000 from political action committees.

As usual, the biggest chunk of Love’s expenditures were fundraising-related costs totaling more than $185,000. 

Rep. Rob Bishop’s pre-convention report from the same period shows $91,150 in contributions and just $32,666 in expenditures, leaving him with $475,067 in cash on hand. Bishop pulled in $30,000 from political action committees.

Rep. John Curtis pulled in $134,778 in contributions with $129,854 in operating expenditures, leaving him just $55,644 on hand. $49,525 of his contributions came from PAC’s.

As of Monday evening, the only other candidate who had filed a pre-convention report was Republican Mary Burkett, who is challenging Rep. Chris Stewart for the GOP nomination in Utah’s 2nd District.

Burkett reported just $2,725 in contributions and $3,531 in expenditures, leaving her with $1,470 on hand. Burkett also has $6055 in campaign debt listed on her disclosure.