Medical marijuana ballot initiative meets ballot requirements

The ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis has reached the requirement for inclusion on the 2018 ballot in November.

While the official certification won’t happen until May 15, the proposal has reached the required number of signatures statewide as well as hitting the needed number in 27 out of 29 Utah Senate districts.

Count My Vote is closing in on ballot qualification as well, hitting the needed number in 20 Senate districts.

In order to qualify for the ballot, a citizen’s initiative must get 113,000 signatures statewide as well as get 10% of the vote from the last presidential election in 26 of Utah’s 29 Senate districts.

According to the latest numbers from the Utah Elections Office as of 4/17/2018:

  • The Utah Medical Cannabis Act has 146,651 verified signatures and has hit the required 10% threshold in 27 Senate districts.
  • Count My Vote has 115,800 verified signatures so far. They have reached the 10% mark in 20 Senate districts.
  • The Utah Decides Healthcare Act that would expand Medicaid coverage has 97,864 verified signatures so far. Backers have hit the 10% threshold in 9 Senate districts.
  • Better Boundaries, which seeks to establish an independent redistricting commission, has met the 10% requirement in 16 Senate districts so far with 116,592 verified signatures.