Count My Vote inches closer to qualifying for November Ballot

Count My Vote is now within 500 verified signatures of meeting the requirements for getting on November’s ballot.

Count My Vote is the effort to further solidify Utah’s dual-path route to the primary ballot for candidates, allowing them to either gather signatures or go through the caucus-convention system, or both. The initiative lowers the number of signatures needed to qualify for the primary ballot.

To get on the ballot, a petition initiative must collect 113,143 signatures statewide. Additionally, backers must get 10% of the vote from the last presidential election in 26 of Utah’s 29 Senate Districts.

According to numbers released Friday by the Utah Elections Office, CMV has met the required number of signatures in 24 Senate districts. Here’s what they need in the remaining areas to hit the 10% threshold.

  • SD6 – 359
  • SD7 – 108
  • SD24 – 3,318
  • SD26 – 2,522
  • SD27 – 1,446

Count My Vote has more than 121,000 verified signatures on file. Organizers say they turned in more than 175,000 signatures, but have had more than 24,000 of those ruled invalid. Rough math says there are still around 25-30,000 signatures left to verify before the May 15 deadline.

At the same time, Keep My Voice, which wants to eliminate the signature gathering path is pushing Utahns to remove their signatures from the CMV initiative to keep the proposal from the ballot.

As we reported before, the medical cannabis initiative has met the requirements for November’s ballot, hitting the 10% threshold in 27 Senate districts.

Better Boundaries, which establishes an independent redistricting commission to redraw Utah’s political lines during the once-a-decade process has hit the 10% threshold in 21 Senate districts. They are within 100 signatures in three more.

The Utah Decides Healthcare Act, to fully expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, has hit the 10% requirement in 13 Senate districts so far.