Sens. Lee, Tester introduce Pay for Printing Act


Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Jon Tester (D-MT) introduced the Pay for Printing Act Tuesday, a bill that would require any sponsor of a commemorative Senate resolution to reimburse the Government Publishing Office for the cost of printing the resolution. 

“We are not going to cut our federal government’s $20 trillion national debt by cutting government printing costs,” Sen. Lee said. “But the House and Senate passed 708 resolutions last Congress, and every single one of these resolutions cost taxpayer money to print. If we are going to ask the American people to help cut the deficit, we in Washington should be willing to foot the bill for every commemorative resolution we want Congress to pass.”

“Montanans want their hard-earned dollars going towards our troops and schools, not printing unnecessary reams of paper,” Tester said.  “I am partnering with Senator Lee so we can hold Congress accountable and curb Washington’s bad habit of spending other people’s money on exorbitance and waste.”