National Headlines 1-30-13

Lew urges Senate Dems to hold firm on debt limit (The Hill)

Pelosi: ‘My work is not finished’ (The Hill)

Feds seek death penalty for Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev (CNN)

NYC agrees to stop-and-frisk monitor, reforms (Wall Street Journal)

Senate Passes Bill to Delay Flood Insurance Hikes (Associated Press)

House GOP will offer Obamacare alternative this year (Los Angeles Times)

20-term Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman to retire (CBS News)

Half of U.S. nuclear missile wing implicated in cheating (Reuters)

Obama: Job training must reflect changing economy (Associated Press)

U.S. to push for early release of more federal prisoners (Washington Post)

Key U.S. senator says consumer impact crucial in oil export debate (Reuters)