Hatch to Obama: Look to Utah

In a National Review op-ed, Sen. Orrin Hatch says Pres. Obama’s lackluster SOTU speech shows the need for Washington to look to successful states like Utah for models of effective governing. 

Writes Hatch:

Some states, such as Utah, are having economic success, and they’re doing so with a tried and true formula of lower taxes, fewer and smarter regulations, and more energy development. My home state has a 4.1 percent unemployment rate, and a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour; it is a right-to-work state and has access to significant energy reserves. With tremendous exports overseas, Utah attracts more and more businesses, entrepreneurs, and high-quality workers every day.

This is a record of success that cannot be ignored.

My hope is that over the remaining time of his presidency, President Obama will look toward states like Utah to get our country back on track — rather than continue to look inward at the same failed ideas from Washington. Utah is a model that President Obama should learn from.