‘Political Insiders’ expect Romney, Curtis to win easily on Tuesday

Our “Political Insiders” don’t expect any surprises in Tuesday’s primary elections. They expect Republicans Mitt Romney and John Curtis to cruise to easy victories over their primary opponents. But, they’re not sure who will win the Democratic primary in the 1st Congressional District.

Our “Insider” panel and readers say Mitt Romney should easily win the election over Mike Kennedy. They also pick Rep. John Curtis to dispatch Chris Herrod with no problems in the rematch of last year’s GOP 3rd District primary.

However, they’re not sure which Democrat will win the right to face Rep. Rob Bishop, with 51% saying Kurt Weiland and 49% picking Lee Castillo to advance past Tuesday’s primary election.


Selected anonymous comments:

Romney was always going to win this in a landslide. But this week Kennedy’s strategy of tying himself so closely to Donald Trump seems like an even worse idea. 

The only way Mitt loses is if he dies before the primary.

Mike Kennedy is a nice guy but blew whatever chance he had with the apology to the bigoted pastor.

It may be a little closer than expected, but Dr. Kennedy won’t get more than 33%.

> 60% of the vote breaks for Mitt. Another blow for how out of touch the delegates are with the rank and file.

Romney by a wide margin. Once again demonstrating why Utah GOP convention system is defunct and out of step with the voice of citizens.

Mitt was the front-runner to begin with, but Kennedy won’t make any inroads because he has run a very weak and ineffective campaign.

Mitt will win. Kennedy’s campaign is wimpy and sappy.

Romney will post as big a win as the four-game sweep the Warriors amassed against the Cavs in the NBA Finals.

In Utah, the June primary is the only election that even matters. That’s the only reason for sticking with a Republican Party that has completely departed from the mainstream of Utah voters. Vote now. Snooze in November.

This was over before it began. Romney has worked hard, and Kennedy has run one of the worst campaigns the GOP has ever seen.

Herrod has lost a lot of support. Didn’t raise money. He is becoming the perennial candidate.

Hopefully, this ends the Herrod tirade of lunacy.

The bad guy from the Bible will get no more than 25%.

Curtis has done a nice job so far. Herrod is toast, good riddance.

This most recent dustup over family separation of illegal immigrants is the nail in the Herrod coffin.

John will walk away with this race. Herrod is too shrill, extreme, and unqualified to be in Congress.

Herrod has become the perennial candidate. Even conservatives are moving on.

Curtis will win…a replay of last time. Herrod needs to find something to do with his free time.

Chris Herrod must like throwing away money on elections that he will never win.

Kurt Weiland will win because lots of voters will confuse him with Todd Weiller.