National Headlines 6-27-18

Liberal meltdown over Justice Kennedy retirement (Daily Caller)

Comedy Central writer wishes Anthony Kennedy was shot (Daily Caller)

Bernie Sanders: Sarah Sanders has the right to ‘go into a restaurant and have dinner’ (The Hill)

Trump Helps Boost Two Preferred Candidates While Progressive Democrats Gain (New York Times)

The Democratic rebellion might finally be here (Business Insider)

New bipartisan bill calls for Puerto Rico statehood (NBC News)

Trump’s Uncontroversial VA Pick Sails Through Confirmation Hearing (NPR)

Shine accepts top White House job (CNN)

Kavanaugh Emerges as Key Contender for Trump Supreme Court Pick (Bloomberg)

Trump Rips Maxine Waters at ND Rally: ‘Imagine If I Said Those Things’ (FOX News)

Public-Sector Unions Brace for Fallout From Supreme Court Decision on Fees (Wall Street Journal)