National Headlines 2-3-14

Inhofe rips ‘outrageous lie’ on Benghazi (The Hill)

Obama to reach out to Saudis with visit (The Hill)

Tech Titans Reveal New Data About NSA Snooping (TIME)

U.S. says enrollment appeal hearings to begin soon (Reuters)

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly finds something to like about President Obama (McClatchy)

Hillary who? Gov. O’Malley doing ‘tough work’ for 2016 bid (USA Today)

Hillary Clinton and the Missing Democratic Debate (Bloomberg)

Democrats In Senate Pressure Barack Obama As Election Approaches (TIME)

Hacker Group Accuses Merkel Government of Helping to Spy (New York Times)

Bernanke Joins Brookings on First Work Day After Leaving Fed (Bloomberg)

Obama says Kerry to ‘give me a recommendation’ on Keystone project (Reuters)