Utah is 4th ‘Most Conservative’ State

Despite the fevered dreams of Utah Democrats, the Beehive State is still a Republican stronghold.

A recent Gallup poll found nearly 47% of Utahns identify themselves as “conservative,” while just under 16% say they are “liberal.”

That makes Utah the 4th most conservative state in the nation, just behind Idaho, Mississippi and Wyoming.

The gap between Republicans and Democrats in Utah is massive. 58% of Utahns say they are Republicans or lean that direction, while just 26% are Democrats. That’s a 31% gap that favors the GOP.

In fact, the number of conservatives outnumber Republicans in 47 states. So why do Democrats continue to win elections?

The answer may lie with moderates, which, as a voting bloc, are solidly Democratic. If moderates begin voting with Republicans in the near or long-term future, there may indeed be a Republican revival on the national level.