Bishop introduces Daylight Act

Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced H.R. 6331, the Daylight Act, which empowers states to decide how their states will observe daylight savings time.

The legislation allows states to determine whether they will continue under the status quo, operate year-round under daylight savings time, or operate year-round under standard time. Rep. Bishop offered the following statement:  

“For any student of federalism, this is a no-brainer. The range of industry and lifestyle is so varied across our country, it only makes sense for states to have the ability to set their watches the way they best see fit.  

Bishop continued,  

“The Daylight Act simply allows states the freedom to pursue one of these three options. This bill will not force any action nor compel a state to take any action. Quite simply, this gives people the flexibility to do what they want. We are reinforcing the states’ power to govern by loosening the grip held by the federal government.”     


 ·          States are currently ABLE to opt out of Daylight Time. (Hawaii & Arizona)  

 ·          States are currently UNABLE to opt out of Standard Time.  

 ·          Dozens of state legislatures have introduced or passed legislation that would change or study our current time system.