National Headlines 7-16-18

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Capitalism Will ‘Not Always Exist’ (Daily Caller)

Cummings Slams Politically Charged Trump EPA Program. Turns Out To Be Obama EPA Program. (Hot Air)

House Republicans not ready to call DOJ, FBI investigation a wrap (Washington Examiner)

Donald Trump Has Already Amassed a Giant 2020 War Chest (Slate)

As Democratic Party activists reject Sen. Feinstein, which side of the debate is more in touch with voters? (Los Angeles Times)

Judge’s order for LA Times to alter published story sparks outrage from press advocates (CNN)

Ocasio-Cortez floating progressive sub-caucus (The Hill)

Chicago PD quickly released fatal police shooting video. That should be standard, activists say. (NBC News)

Bernie Sanders: ‘Of Course’ I’m Concerned Red-State Dems Might Vote For Kavanaugh (Daily Beast)

House GOP reverses, cancels vote on Dem bill to abolish ICE (The Hill)

How Sinclair lost Trump’s FCC (Politico)