Hatch, Lee approval ratings under 50% in new poll

The most recent Morning Consult poll of approval ratings for every U.S. Senator finds both Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Orrin Hatch under 50% in their home state of Utah.

The survey says 48% of Utahns approve of Lee’s job performance while 29% disapprove. 23% had no opinion. Those numbers give Lee a net-positive approval rating of +19.

Hatch is much more polarizing according to the poll. 44% of Utahns approve of Hatch’s job performance while 40% disapprove, giving him a net positive rating of just +4.

Morning Consult ranks Lee as the 39th most popular senator in the U.S., while Hatch’s approval rating ranks him #59 in popularity. Hatch’s disapproval rating is 11th-highest according to the poll.

UtahPolicy.com polling stands in sharp contrast to the Morning Consult survey. Our most recent survey gave Hatch a 51% job approval rating, while Lee was at 55%.