National Headlines 7-30-18

Dimon says Trump’s tax cut and deregulation have ‘accelerated growth’ (CNBC)

Like it or not, America is now seriously debating socialism (New York Post)

Linda Tripp makes first public appearance in 18 years at whistleblowers conference (Washington Times)

Trump: I am ready to meet with Iran ‘anytime they want to’ – with no preconditions (CNBC)

Robert Wilkie sworn in as Trump’s new VA secretary (FOX News)

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ bill estimated to cost $32.6T, new study says (FOX News)

Sessions announces new ‘religious liberty task force’ (CNN)

Manchin Is First Democrat to Meet With Kavanaugh as Parties Intensify Feud (New York Times)

How to Gauge the Fed’s Reaction to Trump’s Tweet (Bloomberg)

San Francisco Is Poised To Ban Plastic Straws. That’s Got Bubble Tea Shops Worried (NPR)

Les Moonves and the Limitations of ‘No Means No’ (Slate)