Salt Lake Chamber President’s Message: Engaging Professionals for Good

As communities grow and evolve, so must the organizations that serve it. Part of the Salt Lake Chamber’s mission is “championing community prosperity” and while the Chamber cannot be all things to all people, we believe that learning to adapt and evolve with our local community will help bolster our state’s long-term success.

One way the Chamber plans to do this is by engaging business leaders on broad based community issues that have a business connection such as immigration, diversity and inclusion, the wage gap and air quality.

To tackle these social and community issues, the Chamber is developing a new 501(c)3 called Utah Community Builders. This will bring together problem solvers, issue experts and skilled professionals to identify challenges, evaluate solutions, inform policy and activate change in our state. This new foundation will provide a conduit for our business community’s ever increasing sense of corporate responsibility and desire to impact social good, as well as allow the Chamber to more effectively engage in community and social topics that may not be considered traditional core business issues.

As a unified statewide business community, let us look to the horizon together and impact change that supports communities, builds business and strengthens quality of life for all Utahns. We welcome your input and personal effort with this new foundation. If you would like to get involved with the Utah Community Builders, please contact Abby Osborne at [email protected] to learn more and add your voice to the conversation.