Local Headlines 8-6-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Needle exchange in Utah County? Yes, it’s come to that.

Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus are found in Logan

Utah County doesn’t want any needle exchange programs, but it may get one anyway

One month into new bulk waste pickup program, trash continues to pile up on Salt Lake City streets

Senate Democrats say new mining claims in Grand Staircase are ‘illegal’ while monument boundary dispute is in court

Utah’s university students have access to 3D printers. What happens if they print a gun?

Girls in polygamous Kingston Group continue to marry as young as 15, records show, sometimes leaving Utah to marry cousins

Here’s what Utah’s members of Congress say about Trump’s call to create Space Force, a new military branch

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb: Examining the swirling politics of the inland port

Greg Bell: The reservation system poorly serves Native Americans

Jenet Erickson: Abortion’s culture is antithetical to women’s equality

Op-ed: Will your child’s teacher be prepared this fall?

Editorial: ‘Do your job’ should be Trump’s challenge to Congress

Men caught up in Shurtleff, Swallow investigation sue FBI, Utah

Holladay officials: Petition to block old Cottonwood Mall development doesn’t qualify for ballot

Rep. Mia Love defends mailer that opponent Ben McAdams calls ‘dishonest’

Utah’s alcohol regulators seek to clear the air in YouTube videos

Hot and steamy energy? Utah hopes for a geothermal first


Libertas Institute files lawsuit against Pleasant Grove road fee (Daily Herald)

Jim Tracy hands in his keys after nearly 16 years as Utah County sheriff (Daily Herald)