National Headlines 8-7-18

Troy Balderson wins Ohio special election (Washington Post)

‘This Is the New Face of the Democrat Party’: Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens Ambushed by Liberal Protesters (FOX News)

Apple could be used as a ‘bargaining chip’ in the trade war, Chinese state media warns (CNBC)

Border Patrol Council VP: Critics Must Decide Whether ‘Hatred of Trump Is Bigger Than Love of Country’ (FOX News)

Liberals Don’t Have to Defend Sarah Jeong’s Tweets (Slate)

Black Lives Matter protesters crash police officer’s wedding: ‘You’re a murderer!’ (Washington Times)

US unveils next round of Chinese imports to face tariffs (CNN)

Rick Gates admits extramarital affair in London, as defense tears into ‘secret life’ (FOX News)

Fire and Water in California (Wall Street Journal)

Trump seeks out business leaders as midterm election looms (Reuters)

Oracle challenges Pentagon’s multibillion-dollar cloud computing contract before bids are even submitted (Washington Post)