Local Headlines 8-9-18

Deseret News

Ralph Hancock: Consent alone will never provide an adequate sexual or political foundation

Jay Evensen: Facebook promised to come to Utah. Remember how large a tax break it would get?

Editorial: Utah isn’t out of the smog yet, despite latest EPA report

To fill ‘gap’ in Utah’s new homeless system, group recommends 3 dorm-style buildings

Report: More found unsheltered in 2018 count, but first-time homelessness trending down in Utah

Sacha Baron Cohen tried to bait this Utah GOP campaigner on pornography, pedophilia. He didn’t fall for it

Rep. Mia Love questions Trump administration trade policies

State officials set aside $4 million for offer to buy downtown homeless shelter

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: The census is for counting people, not intimidating them

Romney and Wilson disagree on whether government failure or climate change are primarily to blame for massive wildfires

Gehrke: A county clerk’s deceptive attempt to keep Grayeyes out of the San Juan commission race should lead to criminal charges

Salt Lake County councilwoman says ordinance giving preference to women- and minority-owned businesses is ‘offensive’ and may be unfair to white men

The State of Utah wants to buy the 1,100-bed emergency homeless shelter downtown for $4 million. It may have to dig deeper.


Utah County Commission adds $1 million to sheriff’s budget to cover inmate medical expenses (Daily Herald)