Video: Protesters Demand Hearing on SB 100

A group of protestors blocked access to Governor Herbert’s office on Monday morning, demanding that SB 100, a statewide non-discrimination measure, be heard.

Last week, the Senate GOP caucus decided to kill the measure, opting to not debate the bill while the state is involved in litigation over Amendment 3.

Troy Williams, who led the group of protesters read a letter to the governor and Senate leaders, asking them to bring the measure up for consideration.

“We believe all Utahns deserve equal rights,” said Williams. “We represent the 72% of people who live in this state who support a non-discrimination law. The Utah Legislature has repeatedly blocked the LGBT community from hearing this bill. We demand that Sen. President Wayne Niederhauser pull the bill and schedule it for a hearing and we demand that Gov. Herbert sign it into law.”

Sen. Steve Urquhart, the sponsor of SB 100, met with protesters on Monday morning, asking them to give him 24 hours to negotiate with Senate leadership on the bill.