Local Headlines 2-11-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Herbert taking helpful steps to clean up our air

Utah legislators advance bill to allow DNA sampling at time of booking

Bill to stop bans of pit bulls claws way to victory

Mia Love leads nation in fundraising by challengers

LDS Church, other faiths say traditional marriage is crucial to children, society

Bill gives kids from poor families extra help from teachers

Senate panel OKs bill requiring big families to pay more for schools

Senate votes to change Utah’s state tree

Lawmakers debate fixes for Utah doc shortage

Utah schools funding boosts don’t always reach classrooms

Deseret News

House holds bill defining when police could forcibly enter buildings

Quaking aspen a step closer to becoming Utah’s state tree

Utah Senate committee requests public comment on judicial nominee

Bill restricting local laws targeting specific dog breeds survives House committee

Committee approves two bills to fund schools through tax reform

Senate committee advances Education Task Force extension

Utah Air National Guard studying idea of moving to Hill Air Force Base

Bill seeks to limit access to Utah voter information

LDS Church, other faiths say same-sex marriage opposition not due to bigotry


Drone legislation grounded by committee (Daily Herald)

Bill would limit child tax deduction to two (Daily Herald)

Bill eases Utah voter registration deadlines to increase turnout (Standard-Examiner)

Bill would shed light on ‘dark consulting’ by Utah lobbyists (Standard-Examiner)

Bill would cut some state tax deductions to increase school funding (Standard-Examiner)

Ray introduces new bill limiting federal policing in Utah (Standard-Examiner)

Box Elder files in support of state’s gay marriage appeal (Standard-Examiner)