National Headlines 2-11-14

House GOP surrenders on debt (The Hill)

Is college still worth it? Pew research says yes (Los Angeles Times)

Change Sought to Give Ex-Convicts Voting Rights (Wall Street Journal)

Departing Obama economic advisor remains optimistic about recovery (Los Angeles Times)

Obama defends delays as easing Obamacare’s burden (Washington Times)

The Politics of Hillary Clinton’s Marriage (Bloomberg)

White House Failed to Protect Benghazi Mission, House Report Concludes (ABC News)

Washington Free Beacon Ruthlessly Blasts, Forgives Andrea Mitchell for Criticizing Hillary Scoop (Mediaite)

New CBO Report Links Obamacare to Job Losses (CPA Practice Advisor)

N.Y. Pre-K Tax Falters as Senate Chief Backs Off Budget Threat (Bloomberg)

Walsh sworn in as Montana senator, replaces Baucus (Associated Press)