Still not Trump country. A majority of Utahns disapprove of President Trump’s job performance

Republican President Donald Trump remains unpopular in Utah, a new poll shows.

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates, in a new survey for the online political newsletter, finds:

51 percent of Utahns “strongly” or “somewhat” disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president.

47 percent like the president.

And only 1 percent doesn’t have an opinion of him.

And feelings against Trump are heartfelt: 41 percent “strongly” disapprove of the man – a rather large number by Utah job approval standards.

Back in May, Jones found Trump had a disapproval rating in Utah of 51-47 percent – the same as today.

So, the president is as popular – or unpopular – today as he was last spring – a different opinion than in much of the nation, where recent polling shows Trump’s approval rating is dropping.

A compilation of national polling on the FiveThirtyEight web site shows Trump with a 53.7 percent disapproval rating, while 40.1 percent favor the president.


Some of Jones’ other findings:

Only Utah Mormons have a favorable opinion of Trump; all other religious groups highly disapprove of him.

“Very active” Mormons like him, 62-37 percent; while “somewhat active” Mormons approve of him, 48-46 percent.

Republicans and conservatives give Trump high marks, all other partisan groups disapprove of him, some by huge majorities.

Utah women and men couldn’t disagree more about the president: Men favor him, 58-40 percent, but women really don’t like him, 63-37 percent.

Rarely do Utah men and women feel so differently about an issue or person than we find today with Trump. Statistically speaking, the 23-percentage-point swing between disapproval ratings in the sexes is nothing short of remarkable.

Jones finds that 29 percent of men “strongly” approve of the president, while 49 percent of women – almost half – “strongly” disapprove of him.

Republican men favor Trump, 84-16 percent, but GOP women less so, 66-34 percent approval.

Thus, one third of Republican women in Utah don’t like the president of their own party.

The reason, of course, is obvious: Trump has made disparaging remarks about women both as president and as candidate. He recently called a woman fired from the White House a “dog.”

Some other numbers by Jones:

Those under 54 years old disapprove of the president, with 69 percent of those 18-24 years old disliking him.

Utahns 55 years old and older approve of the president, with 65-year-olds and more senior giving him a 58-42 percent approval rating.

Republicans, of course, like him, 75-23 percent.

Democrats hate the guy, 96-4 percent disapproval.

Political independents also dislike the president, 68-31 percent.

Those who told Jones they are “very” or “somewhat” conservative like him, 88-10 percent and 66-34 percent, respectively.

“Moderates” disapprove of Trump, 78-21 percent.

And those who are “very” and “somewhat” liberal disapprove of Trump, 96-4 percent and 92-8 percent, respectively.

Finally, in the close 4th U.S. House race between Rep. Mia Love and Democrat Ben McAdams, Trump is not popular: 62 percent disapprove of him, only 38 percent approve.

With all these kinds of numbers across Utah, it is unlikely Trump will be personally campaigning here before the Nov. 6 election.

Such a showing would likely harm Love, and U.S. Senate GOP candidate Mitt Romney doesn’t need his help, and probably wouldn’t want to stand next to him here, anyway.

The polling sample among Republican men is 218, the margin of error 6.6 percent. The sample of GOP women is 172, the margin of error 7.5 percent.

Overall, Jones polled 809 adults from Aug. 22-31. The survey statewide has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percent.