Poll: Majority of Utahns say President Donald Trump does not deserve another term

Nearly 6 in 10 Utahns think President Donald Trump does not deserve to be re-elected to another term in office in 2020.

A new UtahPolicy.com survey asked registered voters in Utah whether Trump should be re-elected to another term, or should another person be given a chance to serve. 57% said one term in the White House is enough for Trump, while 38% said Trump should get another term.

Those numbers are not surprising as Trump only captured 45% of the vote in Utah in 2016. Subsequent polls measuring Trump’s job performance have him underwater, still struggling to win majority approval from Utahns. The most recent UtahPolicy.com survey found Trump with a 47% approval rating.

Clearly, most Utahns are not sold on Trump as president.

There is a massive gender gap among Utahns when asked if Trump deserves to be re-elected.

  • Men are evenly divided, with 48% saying Trump should get another term and 48% saying he should not.
  • Women are decidedly against Trump winning another term. 67% say someone else should be given a chance to serve while only 28% think Trump should be re-elected.

Republicans in our survey support re-electing Trump in 2020, while Democrats and unaffiliated voters would prefer to see someone else in office. In fact, Trump’s support among Republican voters is surprisingly soft for an incumbent president of their own party.

  • 63% of Republicans say Trump should be re-elected to another term. 31% of Republican voters in Utah want someone else elected.
  • A whopping 99% of Democrats say someone else should be elected in 2020
  • By a more than 3-1 margin, unaffiliated voters would like to see someone else elected in 2020. 74% said another candidate should be given a chance to serve, while just 21% want to see Trump re-elected.


Among Utahns on the far-right of the political spectrum, Trump’s support is quite strong. But, Utahns in the middle and to the left politically do not back him for another term.

  • “Very conservative” Utahns support another term for Trump 79-15%
  • “Somewhat conservative” voters in Utah are barely on board with another 4 years for Trump 46-45%.
  • Moderates in Utah overwhelmingly oppose Trump winning again 84-13%
  • “Somewhat” and “very liberal” voters in Utah are decidedly against re-electing Trump 96-4%.

The idea of Trump winning another term does not get majority support in any of Utah’s 4 Congressional Districts, but the opposition is quite pronounced in both the 2nd and 4th CD where voters oppose Trump winning another term by big margins.

  • 1st District voters oppose another term for Trump 53-42%.
  • Utans in the 2nd District are against another term for Trump 57-36%.
  • 3rd District voters are against Trump’s re-election 53-44%.
  • In the 4th CD, voters oppose re-electing Trump in 2020 66-31%.

The Dan Jones & Associates survey was conducted August 22-31 among 809 likely voters with a margin of error +/- 3.4%.