Poll: Half of Utahns believe Russia has compromising information on President Trump

Half of all Utahns believe Russia has some kind of compromising information on President Donald Trump, a new UtahPolicy.com poll shows.

But this poll question is really a tale of how men and women view Trump and Russia – as the difference between the two genders is remarkable.

Only 39 percent of men believe Russia has some kind of compromising information on the president.

But 62 percent of women say Russia does.

That 23-percentage-point difference really reflects how Utah women don’t trust or like Trump, while many Utah men do.

Overall, pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds:

  • 50 percent, or half, of all Utahns “definitely” or “probably” believe Russia has some kind of damaging information on Trump.
  • 39 percent say Russia does not have such information.
  • And 11 percent don’t know.


Men: 50 percent say Russia does not have such information on Trump; 39 percent say they do; and 11 percent “don’t know.”

Oddly enough, how Utah men feel is the same as how Utahns overall feel – a statistical tie because so many Utah women take the opposite view in the overall tally:

62 percent of women say Russia has something bad on Trump; 28 percent say America’s old Cold War enemy doesn’t; while 11 percent don’t know.

There are all kinds of rumors out there concerning what the Russians may have on Trump, including an in-depth “dossier” compiled by a former spy that deals with Russian prostitutes, as well as various reported Russia business deals/investments Trump may have had over the years.

Part of the Justice Department’s Robert Mueller investigation is how Russia tried to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and it may turn up some Trump/Russia connections at its conclusion.

Some of Jones’ demographic numbers:

  • Younger Utahns doubt Trump more than seniors – those 18-24 years old say Russia has something on the president, 63-32 percent; while those over 65 say Russia doesn’t, 48-45 percent.
  • Republicans stand by their man: They say Russia doesn’t have the goods on Trump, 60-28 percent.
  • Democrats have little doubt, 86 percent say Russia has something on him, only 5 percent say no.
  • Political independents also think Trump is really worry about the Russians because they have something on him, 66-25 percent.

Active Utah Mormons have, over the last two years, been more supportive of Trump than any other religious group in the state. And they stand by Trump here, yet again:

  • By 50-39 percent, “very active” Mormons doubt Russia has anything on the president.
  • Those who told Jones they are “somewhat active” in the LDS Church are split, 45-42 percent say Russia doesn’t have anything.
  • Those who said they were active in the LDS Church, but no longer follow the faith, by 50-37 percent believe Russia has something on the president.
  • Catholics think Trump is compromised by Russia, 73-21 percent.
  • Protestants agree, 55-42 percent.
  • Those of other religions think Russia has something on Trump, 72-22 percent.
  • And those with no religion say Russia has Trump in their hands, 77-13 percent.

UtahPolicy has been watching how voters in the 4th Congressional District feel differently than those in our other three U.S. House seats on various questions.

On Russia having something on Trump, 4th District voters are much more skeptical than the rest of the state:

60 percent of 4th District voters say Trump is compromised by Russia, 32 percent say Russia has nothing on the president, and 7 percent are undecided.

Jones polled 806 adults from Aug. 22-31; with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percent.