Bob Bernick’s notebook: Trump is dragging down Love and Stewart

Most Utahns don’t want Donald Trump to be president after 2020.

In fact, 57 percent say the Republican president should not be re-elected, and that it is “time to give someone new” a chance to serve, our new Dan Jones & Associates poll shows.

Only 38 percent want Trump re-elected, and those are mostly Republican men.

Because among women, 67 percent say 2020 should be the last year of Trump’s presidency.

Democrats and political independents agree – enough of him.

The other numbers are in’s Managing Editor Bryan Schott’s poll story, found here.

Trump’s unpopularity in Utah, especially among non-Republicans, has now been well documented in poll after poll by Jones – Utah’s leading pollster.

It likely will have an effect on other races this year – perhaps seen the most in the 4th and 2nd congressional contests.

In Jones’ last survey, GOP Rep. Mia Love leads her Democratic challenger in the 4th District, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, 49-46 percent, with 5 percent still undecided.

But look at the naked-re-elect of Trump in that district:

66 percent, or two-thirds, of all district voters don’t want Trump to be president. Only 31 percent say Trump should serve another term.

That two-thirds is a big number – especially in an otherwise Republican-leaning district.

Meanwhile, over in the 2nd District, which includes most of Salt Lake City and all of its Democrats, GOP Rep. Chris Stewart leads Democrat Shireen Ghorbani, 45-34 percent, with 16 percent undecided (a few third party candidates pick up some votes, as well).

In the 2nd District, 57 percent don’t want Trump to be president again after 2020, only 36 percent want him to have a second term.

Now, will those anti-Trump voters in the 4th and 2nd Districts lead to defeats of the Republican incumbents?

I don’t think so, although the 4th District is clearly still in play.

The 2nd District – even with heavily Democratic Salt Lake City – has so many hard Republicans in it, Stewart will prevail.

But why is Stewart even in a fairly close race with Ghorbani – who no doubt most district voters don’t even know.

I think it’s because Stewart has been such a blind supporter of Trump. Stewart, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, has gone so far as to say he doesn’t believe Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential election was aimed at electing Trump, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.


Of course it was – and Trump is repaying Vladimir Putin with sycophantic statements time and again.

That aside, we’ll see if Stewart wants to be seen standing next to Trump before the Nov. 6 election.

Stewart seems politically tone deaf to Trump’s disfavor among his own 2nd District voters – 57-36 percent say they want Trump out.

Although in Stewart’s one and only debate with Ghorbani, Stewart did list some places where he disagrees with Trump – like with trade tariffs.

Trump is clearly a polarizing personality in Utah – especially in the 4th and 2nd districts.

That’s why in his media advertisements, McAdams is trying to tie Love to Trump.

Ghorbani would likely do the same with Stewart, but she doesn’t have any money for such a TV ad campaign.

In a poll question we’ll be releasing in full later, in the 2nd District voters disapprove of the GOP-controlled Congress’s job performance, 56-42 percent.

In the 4th District, voters disapprove of the Republican-controlled Congress, 66-32 percent.

Now, the voters like their own Republican House members – Stewart and Love, respectively – more than those partisan numbers show.

Still, it is clear that Trump is a drag on Stewart and Love’s re-election campaigns.

A difference maker?

We’ll see.