National Headlines 2-13-14

Poll: Thumbs down on Vladimir Putin, Russia (Politico)

A fight in Florida for national bragging rights (Politico)

Obamacare Enrollment Rate Slows Markedly In January (Weekly Standard)

GOP hits Obama on Medicare Advantage (The Hill)

Mary Matalin: Hillary Won’t Even Run (Newsmax)

Debt limit saves GOP from political showdown (Washington Post)

Storm clutches Northeast in a snowy, icy grip; D.C. shut down (Los Angeles Times)

GOP’s Doc Hastings to retire from Congress (Politico)

Report: Lawyer Fight in Rand Paul’s NSA Lawsuit Goes Public (Game Politics)

Wendy Davis’s 20-Week Abortion Ban Compromise (Daily Beast)

Corruption Fighting Mayor Ray Nagin Guilty of Corruption (Liberty Voice)