Hatch tells women protesters to ‘grow up’

A group of female protesters confronted Sen. Orrin Hatch as he was entering an elevator on Thursday. In response, hatch waved his hand and told them to grow up.

The protesters from the group Vote Pro Choice posted video on Twitter of the exchange, which took place following a press conference where Hatch said the FBI found no evidence to corroborate allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


From The Hill:

“Why aren’t you brave enough to talk to us and exchange with us?” one of the protesters asks Hatch. Hatch responds by waving his hand at her, which results in the woman shouting, “Don’t you wave your hand at me!”


“When you grow up I’ll be glad to,” Hatch can be heard saying as he enters the elevator.


“How dare you talk to women that way?” one woman shouts as Hatch waited for the elevator doors to close.